Pros and cons of selling on eBay

Are you interested in becoming an eBay seller? If you are, you’re certainly not the only one, because eBay has become a relatively quick and easy way to make money online. Every day a large number of people use eBay to earn extra money from home and a few lucky ones can even earn enough money to support themselves or their families. Before you jump on the eBay selling car, you are advised to take a few minutes to investigate the pros and cons of selling on eBay.

One of the many plus points or benefits of selling on eBay is that it is relatively easy to do. Once you have created an eBay account, you can immediately view items that you have in your possession. When you do this, it is also easy to do. eBay performs a step-by-step process to offer items for sale, in traditional auction formats, or to purchase formats now. EBay even has a program with which you can compile auctions, with images and descriptions, if you are not even connected to the internet. Once you connect to the internet, you can start uploading your listings and get started right away.

Another one of the many benefits of selling on eBay is that just about anyone can do it. You don’t have to sell expensive expensive items on eBay. Indeed, a large number of those who sell on eBay simply sell items that occupy space at home; items they no longer want. If you are interested in becoming an eBay seller, but you are not sure how much you can expect for eBay income, you may want to think about testing the waters. You can do this by listing the items that you have for sale in your home. Items that sell relatively well are many or groups of toys and baby clothes.

Although there are a number of advantages or benefits to selling on eBay, there are also some disadvantages, or disadvantages, to doing. One of the biggest disadvantages or disadvantages of selling on eBay is the competition. As mentioned earlier, a large number of internet users have started using eBay to earn extra money or even make a living. This leads to multiple auctions for exactly the same items. While this is nice for buyers on eBay, it can hurt you as a seller. If the supplier is higher than the demand, you cannot make as much money with your items as you originally hoped if they sell at all.

The associated costs are another disadvantage of selling on eBay. In recent years, eBay has renewed its fee structure, often to increase their costs. Although these fees are still considered relatively low, they can have a negative effect on your profit, which is sometimes difficult to achieve on your own. Of course there are ways to get the most out of eBay costs. For example, if you have a ‘hot seller’, you can start your auction at a low price because the costs are lower; however, you take a gamble because you never have guarantees for how much your items will sell. Perhaps the unknown is one of the biggest disadvantages of selling on eBay; you never really know if you will make money or even that you will eventually lose money.

As you probably already know, it is your decision whether or not to become an eBay seller, but when making a decision you are advised to keep the above points in mind. With a relatively equal number of pros and cons, you might be wondering what you are doing. The best option is. For more accurate information, you may want to think about testing eBay seller waters because you are able to sell whenever you want,without minimum auction requirements.


Boost Your Website Traffic!

Over the last several decades, the real world has moved online,
and so has the money. Whether it’s for a commercial website,
personal blog, turning a profit through online advertising, or
finding a way to improve the exposure for your business, today’s
currency of success heavily relies on being able to cultivate more
traffic to your website.
While the world may be getting smaller, the Internet is quickly
getting much larger, and it seems that everybody wants a piece of
the pie.
The good news is that a majority of visitors to the millions of
websites, get funneled through the rather narrow search engines
to the various sites. This leaves the market far from saturated
regarding a division of resources. Therefore, there are still plenty
of ways that you can successfully direct more people to your
Unfortunately, with everything good, there has to be something
terrible. Most of the ways that you can drive traffic to your site as
evident as they may be are only entirely understood by those
people who have dedicated themselves to understanding Search
Engine Optimization, (SEO) and digital marketing strategies,
merely because they are more driven to do so.
Consequently, a job that is so simple anyone can perform it with
the basic understanding of how to operate a computer ends up
being done by specialized digital marketing firms that increase the
operational costs for small businesses like yours.
Content, SEO, and Analytics
When it comes to driving traffic to your website, your first efforts
have to come from your own backyard. The first and most
important rule for building an excellent foundation for driving more
traffic to your site is creating unique content.
As a small business owner, you need to learn to fully appreciate
the vast array of tools that are at your disposal for you to use to
make your site a fantastic experience for visitors.
The first rule in content creation is that you need to diversify your
content among as many of the media formats as possible. This
includes textual, audio-visual, exclusively aural, and so on. Every
business will require a specific skill-set to survive and ultimately

However, most people just shrug these skills off as an everyday
occurrence. This is why those people who are more willing to
acknowledge their gifts will always receive more attention, more
publicity, and ultimately more business through their higher web
traffic numbers.
So, the first thing that you will need to do to start increasing your
web traffic will be to isolate the specific skills that qualify you to
succeed in your chosen profession. This could be your
salesmanship, creative business modeling, financial acumen,
investment skills, or strong research skills. Most small business
websites that make it big, don’t do it because they are loaded with
business jargon, but because they can extract the qualities of
great businesses into various articles and anecdotes, that the
general public can relate to and can learn from.
This means that in addition to having your usual web content and
products listed on your website, you need to have a blog as well.
Your blog will serve as an exciting and informative target for your
audience. Having greater public visibility will naturally lead to an
increase in web traffic.
Creating Content
When you begin to create the content for your site, you want to
identify the styles of content that will benefit you the most.
Determine whether the information you are trying to convey will
be better discussed in a short video, or will it be better to create a
podcast or textual article.

Having a more significant variation in the styles of your content
will allow the visitors to your site to scratch different itches
depending on their mood at the time. By using various media to
convey your information you can satiate your visitor’s need to
learn through video, audio, or literary outlets all at once.
When it comes to the frequency of posted content, you want to
make sure that you do so on a regular basis. Nothing turns away
an existing visitor base quicker than a stagnant website.
People are only willing to invest their time in a site that continues
to develop and grow, rather than wasting their time on a site that
seems to be dying out and heading towards the cyber graveyard.
Web Analytics
Beyond the kinds of content that you need to create, you also
need to keep your eye on your website analytics. This is usually
provided in-house through portals like WordPress, or through
Google analytics for general internet sites. If you don’t already
have it, head to Google analytics to complete an easy sign-up

Once you’ve signed up for the service, you should begin receiving
analytical data on the dashboard within a week. The analytics that
you receive will allow you to identify the favorite pieces among
your hosted content quickly and to determine whether or not a
new video or article received public approval, which is determined
by the amount of time spent, on average, on that particular piece
of content by your audience.
If they sat through an appropriate amount of time to view the
content in its entirety, then you can rest easy because you’ve
done your job. However, if they move on after just 30 seconds,
you may need to revisit your judgment regarding the topic or style
of the content.
Keeping an eye on the analytics of your website, and tweaking
your content accordingly will allow you to understand the tastes of
your regular audience members better. This will help you to cater
to your visitors appropriately so that you can work to nurture your
growing visitor base.
Happy visitors will always refer your site to those around them,
which will result in an increase in web traffic to your website
through word-of-mouth. One way to encourage this behavior is to
continually maintain a high level of credibility among your existing
visitor base.

Search Engine Optimization
Once you’ve determined the style of content that you are going to
create and as you focus on the quality and frequency of the
content itself, you need to start thinking about search engine
optimization, or SEO. Creating content that is SEO friendly is the
easiest way for you to push more traffic to your site.
The first step to making sure your site is SEO optimized is by
making sure that you submit your website links to the various
search engine platforms. While not every URL that is provided to
the search engines will make it onto their search indexes, a
majority of them do so without a hitch. When you complete this
step, it allows Google’s crawlers to index your site and display it
within their search results. This can also be done for the other
search engines like Bing and Yahoo.
Once you’ve submitted your website to the search engines for
indexing, you’ll need to begin performing SEO on all of your
current site content, as well as keep its basics in mind for the
content you create in the future.
In a nutshell, SEO is about allowing the search engine crawlers,
which trawl through all of the websites on the Internet, to
categorize and classify your site in order of its relevance to
specific keywords. The higher the significance of a particular site

in response to one particular keyword, the better the chances it
has of appearing higher up on the search lists.
This is extremely important because your efforts to drive traffic to
your site isn’t geared toward those people who already know
about your site, but instead toward people who aren’t aware of
your business or your site and are only looking for options based
on the keywords they enter into the search query.
Search Engine Optimization is a highly competitive field. It is a
combination of art and science, linguistics and anthropology. It’s
the ability to understand the mind of your customers and
determining a list of possible keywords that they might use to get
to the topical content that you provide.
Take a look at the content that you have already created and
make a list of all the possible keywords that you would use to find
an article like this. Each of the key phrases that you consider
should be between two and four words long. These are known as
long-tail keyword phrases.
One way that you might want to consider to compile your list of
keywords faster is to use one key phrase and enter it into the
Google search bar. When the results appear, scroll down to the
bottom of the page. Here you will find around eight to ten related
searches and key phrases.

This list might help you find a few more key phrases that you
believe are strongly related to your content. Repeat this exercise
several times with different key phrases so that you can acquire a
slightly wider range of keywords that are relevant to your content.
When you’ve identified your keywords, make sure that the
keywords that you’ve determined are present in all of your
content. For each article that you write, define a distinct key
phrase that should be present in the title and subtitle of the piece.
It is essential though that none of the keywords that you use
individually account for more than 1.5% of the total word count for
the article. When you include excessive keywords into your
content, it automatically leads to the search engines lowering your
rank in the index.
When creating your content, you want to add at least three to four
keywords in the title tag of your article and the important keyword
phrase in the metadata and description of your content for as long
as it’s published.
Again, you don’t want to get overzealous and stuff your tagline
with errant tags, since this will lead to all the search engines
lowering your rank. It is essential that you identify the best
possible search engine key phrases and dedicate a few unique
ones to each article or piece of content.

Properly optimizing your website content with SEO and keeping a
close eye on the web analytics for your site is the first step to
boosting your website traffic.
 Social Media
Social media has become the best way to advertise your business
or website. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to interact
with your audience. The first step to utilizing social media and
drive more traffic to your site is to make yourself visible on the
various platforms.
Utilizing Facebook
If you don’t already have a business page on Facebook, this will
be your first step to increasing your visibility on the site. Along
with enlisting your employees, you’ll also want to have willing
customers like your page.

Once you’ve established your Facebook business page, make
sure that you provide information on your website that will inform
potential customer or visitors of your page.
Moving forward, use Facebook to announce any new
developments in your business that would be relevant to your
customers. You can also use it to publish posts about offers or
discounts that are available on your site. You can even provide
updates through your business page about new content that is
now available to use.
You can also utilize your Facebook page as an open forum to
pose subtle marketing research question and gather customer
feedback which would garner more interest in your business and
website because most customers prefer professional who are
engaged with their client base and who are interested in hearing
their opinions.
With the number of people who get on Facebook every day, it has
quickly become one of the main avenues for new media
advertising, which you can efficiently accomplish through its paid
advertising programs that would feature your business across a
broad range of people in your targeted demographics.

How to Establish Effective Posts on Facebook
Running your own Facebook post requires being able to create
posts that are sensible and easy to read. The posts that you
produce have to include extensive detailed information that
relates directly to your business.
One part of creating useful posts on Facebook entails getting
messages that not only grab the attention of your visitors but also
that make them want to share your words. As your posts are
forwarded to others, it becomes easier to market your business.
Tell Stories
Some of the best posts that you can add to your Facebook page
are stories. You can talk about anything that you want as long as
it is unique and relevant to your business. Tell unique stories that
relate to your business and let people know what makes it unique.
The best stories will always be shared with others.
With these types of posts, you have to be willing to talk about your
business’ background. Figure out a way to share what you’re
doing and why you are motivated to help them. Show that what
you are doing is making a difference in the lives of others. If
people see that you are doing something worthwhile and useful,
they will support you.

Work with Trending Topics
The Facebook search algorithm rewards people who talk about
trending issues. Favorite topics are highlighted more often
because people are more likely to search for or have a stronger
demand to discover.
Working with trending topics that are specific and important is
always useful. However, it is important to note that you never
want to post anything political to your Facebook page as it will be
inevitable alienate members of your audience.
When you discuss trending topics, it becomes easier for your
business to get noticed. You will show that your company
understands the trends and interests of today.
This will provide you with the opportunity to share data with your
audience in a distinctive way. However, you want to practice
caution with how you incorporate these trends into your posts.
You don’t want to talk about something that has nothing to do with
your business just because it’s a favorite topic. Try to relate the
trend to your business in some way.
Talk About Business Decisions
Today, people appreciate transparency, and it has become an
essential aspect of running a business. Consumers prefer to do

business with companies that are open and direct about what
they want to do or promote. Customers appreciate companies
that are willing to talk about what inspires them and the reasons
they decided to start a business.
You can talk about any business decision that you’ve made and
how you operate. Talking about results and ideas makes you
more open to your audience. You can even ask for feedback
about anything you want to follow up on. As you get a clearer idea
of what your audience wants, getting information from your
visitors can make a difference.
Use Unique Media
While anyone can post historical images, pictures from the news
or memes on their Facebook feeds, its better if you can find a way
to be unique and personal. Part of this will involve using media
files and images that are unlike anything else.
When you use unique media files, you show your audience that
you have a great plan in mind for your company. They will realize
that you are creative and inventive while remaining open-minded.
Using the same kind of image that everyone else utilizes is not
always the best option as it merely shows repetition.

Utilizing Twitter
The primary advantage of using Twitter to increase your web
traffic is that it is widespread and the character limit caters to the
atrophied attention span of today’s youth. Twitter allows your
business to interact with others in short and witty bite-sized texts
while keeping up with the more significant trends and concerns on
social media in a concise way.
The first thing that you’ll need to do is get a Twitter handle and get
involved with relevant discussions across the globe. When you
find an open conversation where you could supply pertinent
information, take the time to post your input along with links back
to your website or any other content that you feel would be able to
add value to the discussion.
Getting the Most Out of Your Tweets
The messages that you post on Twitter are vital to your success
with the platform. It is essential that you create thoughtful, unique,
and appealing messages. You can utilize a few helpful strategies
to gain a better chance of your tweets getting read by more
More importantly, when people trust your work and your words,
your tweets are more likely to lead to extra followers and more
traffic to your website.

Be Creative
The most popular Twitter feeds are the most creative. They might
involve funny anecdotes, how-to information, thoughtful quotes, or
anything else that an audience might find interesting.
Think about what you want to say and stick with it as you develop
your Twitter feed. Let your audience know that you have
something unique to share with them and that you are someone
they can trust.
Stick With One Style
Take the time to think about how you are going to post things on
Twitter. Do you want to take a light-hearted approach? Would you
rather be straightforward with the public? Whatever you decide,
you need to determine the attitude and style you want to follow
and stick with it for as long as possible. Be consistent with all of
your posts on Twitter.
Be careful not to shift your style and attitude on a whim because it
might end up confusing your audience. Some might even think
that your Twitter profile was hacked.
Stay Transparent

Like with any other social media platform, it is important to remain
fully transparent when talking to your audience. Let people know
what you’re doing and what makes your business important.
People will appreciate when they hear from you and will see how
direct you are with them. They will retweet your message and add
to your exposure.
Utilizing YouTube
Another highly valuable option for boosting your web traffic is
YouTube. In fact, the site has become extremely popular recently
thanks to how it highlights videos of all descriptions. YouTube can
be an incredibly valuable tool for your business. It will require
producing videos that are exceptional and worth sharing. To start
working with YouTube, you’ll need to create a profile so that you
begin to post videos to the site.
Making the Most of YouTube
YouTube is great for social media campaigns and driving more
traffic to websites. To get the most out of your efforts, you have to
make your videos appealing while also standing out from the
crowd. More importantly, you have to make your promotional
channel more intriguing.

This will help to bring in more subscribers and an increase in
visits to your site. There are a few special techniques for getting
your YouTube videos to be easier to read and more dynamic.
Get Verified
To get the most out of your YouTube Account, you need to get
verified. A verified account will give you more access to more
functions on the site. This includes the ability to add custom
thumbnails to a video and make your videos longer.
Getting your channel authenticated, ensures that you will be able
to do more because YouTube knows that your channel is
legitimate. People will be more likely to trust your channel if they
see that it has been verified.
Use Custom Thumbnails
When you begin to use YouTube, you will have the option to work
with random thumbnails on each video. After some time, you can
be approved to work with custom thumbnails. These will add a
unique image that allows people to see what you want to share
before they click on the video. It could include details about the
video or some other display feature that is more intriguing to the
Create a Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is a video that you upload that is played on your
channel page when someone who has not subscribed to your
page comes across it. The video is set up to playback
automatically. You can create any kind of video for your trailer,
but it’s best to use one that illustrated what your business is all
This is generally the first thing that you should show to someone
who is not familiar with what you do. It creates a welcome
approach to explain to the viewer what your business is all about
and what makes your work unique. When a person subscribes to
your page, the channel trailer will no longer appear.
Creating Playlists
You can create playlists that highlight everything on your channel
that is similar in some way. With a playlist, you can share
information in a series of organized spaces that let people know
specific things about your business.
They might also include points on your business and how it
operates, or it could include your knowledge about matters
relating to your niche.
Using Captioning

There may be instances when someone wants to view your
YouTube video, but they have to keep the sound down to keep
from bothering those around them. Other users might be deaf or
hard of hearing. So you don’t alienate any of your audience, use
captions on your video.
If for whatever reason, someone needs to use captioning on your
video, all they have to do is click the proper captioning icon on
your video, and a series of captions will appear at the right
Add Calls to Action
You need to include plenty of calls to action around your YouTube
page and videos. These can consist of calls to encourage people
to visit your website or even your place of business. More
importantly, you need to add calls to action for things relating
specifically to YouTube.
It is fundamental for you to interact with your viewers through your
videos and other features if you want to boost traffic to your site.

Websites, Guest Blogs, and
Forum Links
While these may be a bit more time-consuming as methods for
boosting your web traffic, when compared to others discussed,
they pay a steady long-term return long into the future.
Unlike with social media, the links you post in the comments
sections of other websites, and forums, and the guest posts you
curate, don’t continue to get overshadowed by newer material,
allowing them to remain visible for anyone who lands on a
particular discussion page, website, or specific post.
The idea here isn’t to go crazy and start spamming links to your
site everywhere you can, but to find relevant discussions on

competing websites and other similar amateur sites that people
may often visit to read up on information that pertains to your
business as well.
Commenting on Competing Websites
The most important thing to remember when utilizing competing
websites to gain more traffic to your website, it that you only want
to post a few links to your own business site, on each website. If
you get too crazy with commenting on competing sites with a link
back to your site, the site administrators may take action and
remove the links back to your page, or remove your comments
To make the best use of competing websites, you want to make
sure that the comments you make are meaningful and add value
to the topic that is being discussed; otherwise, you’ll come off as
nothing more than a spammer, effectively ruining your chances of
increasing traffic to your site.
When you do make a meaningful comment, make sure to add a
link to the content on your site that will add value to your point or
broaden the scope of the topic at hand.

Commenting on Relevant Forums
Apart from utilizing competing websites to boost your web traffic,
there are several forums where you can post your link and
request feedback on your site’s style, content, or general layout.
Aside from the added advantage of gaining a fresh perspective
regarding your site, you will also be opening up the door for
potential visitors who enjoy what you have to offer, to refer your
website to others, merely out of respect for your creation.
Since the forums differ greatly regarding topical interest, it may
take a while to find a discussion that works for you, especially if
your business in highly niched. One recommendation in this
regard is to find a sub-Reddit that is relevant to your content or
business, make a contribution to the discussion and post your
Again, the populace here is pretty well-trained to deal with spamposters,
so only add things on Reddit after you feel you’ve made
an established addition to the ongoing discussion. You need to be
careful because if you post content that is unrelated to the topic at
hand, your credibility will dive.
Given a large number of people who visit these sites, the links
and referrals that you post will bring visitors to your site for a long
time to come.

Besides driving more visitors to your site directly through the links
themselves, your efforts will have another influence as well.
Search engine crawlers operate by creating inter-connecting
networks between various sites on the Internet, all of which build
up towards nodal connections that could drive visitors down
hundreds of paths.
With the operational procedure behind these coded trawlers, the
high the number of links that you have pointing back to your
website, the higher you’ll rank within the search index.
When you build a substantial number of links between you and
other prominent websites in your industry, the higher up you will
be displayed during search functions. This will dramatically
improve your visibility and drive more visitors to your site.
Submitting to Stumble Upon
After you’ve worked on your mass-link distribution campaign, you
need to spend some time on StumbleUpon and other similar sites.
Submit your site’s URL to these sites, and they will continue to
direct people from their visitor base to your site randomly.
Although you may not think that is method will work, you will be
shocked to learn that the number of visitors to your site could
increase by thousands once Stumblers begin to show up on your

Guest Blogging
Along with distributing links and utilizing social media platforms to
drive traffic to your site, another easy way to increase your visitors
is by collaborating with other, more established cyber
personalities. The easiest way to do this is to offer to contribute
guest blogs to other sites.
Since you have your own experience and skills, and many other
sites are always looking to expand their own content range, you
would be able to write for many sites, and maybe even distribute
the same article to numerous sites at the same time if you can
negotiate non-exclusive arrangements with them.
While many sites may offer financial compensation to guest
writers, they also have other options that don’t involve monetary
compensation. Some will allow you to publish more links
alongside your brief author bio which can help to open a door
between their entire visitor base and your content.
However, if you aren’t much of a writer, you can always employ
someone else to write your copy, or you may want to consider
inviting other professionals to provide guest blogs for your site in
exchange for greater publicity for them through their article or
even monetary compensation.

This is another excellent way to open your content and website to
their established audience, which they could to your site through
their own self-promotion.
Guest blogging works wonders for increasing website traffic
because people store more faith in sources where multiple
professional voices are providing their opinions on a host of
related issues, rather than a single contributor.
Collaborations also serve as new changes in voices and style,
and may even serve to help bolster dwindling interest in your site
in the absence of content from a new writer.
Email marketing
Email marketing is a way to communicate with your customers by
sending promotional messages directly to their inbox and gives
them a call to action to respond to your campaign. This sort of
marketing is divided into two main styles, bulk email marketing
campaigns, and opt-in letters and updates.
While dependent on email to maximize your visibility, both of
these kinds of campaigns work in entirely different ways.
Bulk Email Campaigns
Bulk email campaigns typically deal with purchasing email lists
from organizations and sending mass emails containing excerpts,
commercial advertising, newsletters, offers, and promotional
material to the people on the list.
However, because you obtained your information from a thirdparty,
it is likely to result in several recipients sending your email
blasts directly to the spam folder. This action will significantly
lower your credibility as a sender within the parameters of the
email service providers.
When this happens, it’s likely that any promotional material that
you send in the future will be lost within the junk folders and your
targeted audience would never even see the email.

Opt-In Email Campaigns
The second way to utilize email marketing is through an opt-in
marketing campaign. While this approach requires more time and
effort, it has been shown to be considerably better suited for
businesses and performs better than bulk email. Opt-in marketing
means that when visitors previously viewed your site, they filled
out and opt-in to join your regular subscriber base.
This ensures that the primary list of people, who may have just
received your update email, was already interested in hearing
your thoughts and opinions, and can help you to further refine
your content and delivery in order to tweak your content.
Advantages of Email Marketing
First off, email marketing is an inexpensive option because it
costs significantly less per customer to generate than other
marketing strategies. Since the medium is hugely scalable, you
have the ability to commit as much or as little as you want to
utilize email marketing.
Email marketing campaigns have been shown to provide a high
return on investment, (ROI). This is partly due to the fact that the
average cost per customer is so low. With email marketing, you
aren’t spending as much, in the beginning, to put the campaign in
place and you are targeting a pre-qualified set of customers.

The flexibility of email marketing also has a significant impact on
increasing traffic to your site because targeted email marketing
allows you to personalize campaigns for your customers. When
you know part of their needs will be met by your brand, product,
or services, you can customize the email to fit that specific need,
allowing you to gain more customers per marketing dollar.
Opt-in email marketing is also an excellent way for your business
to maintain the relationship it has with existing customers and
ensure they are aware of new offers, products, and services.
When done correctly, email marketing can provide with a high
return on investment.
However, if you don’t get this right, you can lose your current
customers. If you don’t have any experience with email marketing
campaigns or don’t have an in-house talent to help you with this,
you may want to consider hiring an expert to help you set up your
Finally, an email campaign allows you to easily measure its
effectiveness more than any other kind of direct marketing. With
an email marketing campaign, you are able to track every opened
email, every click, every email that is shared right through to the

Best Practices for Success
Around 90 percent of the visitors to your website will leave without
buying something from you on their first visit. However, by
creating an attractive and compelling opt-in offer, you can at least
get their contact details. Then you can use your email marketing
campaign to follow up on their interests, build relationships, and
convert them into paying customers.
Offer Free Valuable Information
One of the best ways to develop a relationship with your potential
customers and establish credibility is to offer free valuable
information when they provide you with their email address.
Sending your subscribers valuable, free information, like an
authoritative eBook, will help them get to know you better and
build their trust in your business. Once you’ve established your
credibility, you can dramatically increase your chances of
converting subscribers into lifelong customers.
Announce Regular Specials
If you want to encourage repeat customers, announce specials on
a regular basis. As you start to collect emails, you can begin to
send your customers and subscribers regular updates letting
them know about your online-only specials.

If you set it up to where customers can get these specials in
another way, then there is no reason for them to continue to pay
attention to your emails. If you can continue to send exclusive
discount offers through email, then they will continue to see a
value in the communication.
Host Exclusive Customer Only Events
Everyone wants to feel special and like they are in an exclusive
club. Providing enticing, customer-only rewards is one of the best
ways to capitalize on the lifetime value of your customers, as well
as reinforcing the importance of opening up your emails.
If you own an online business, you can create a particular page
on your site that is accessible only to customers, and then send
them an email telling them how to take advantage of the specials
you advertise and post on that page.
Paid Advertising
So far, we’ve discussed the numerous free ways that you can
drive traffic to your site. While they will all do a great job of
boosting your traffic numbers, there is no question, that paid
traffic will get you faster results.
Paid traffic is a results-driven strategy that, when used correctly,
can blow the lid off your ROI quickly while having the potential to
explode your business more rapidly than you ever thought
Pay Per Click – PPC
PPC is one of the most popular forms of paid advertising, and it is
not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. Its appeal reaches

everyone from giant corporations to smaller online marketers. Its
effectiveness has everyone wanting a piece of the money pie that
springs form PPC platforms that populate the online advertising
While the PPC environment adapts to changes with new platform
providers and regular updates to advertising rules, those who can
master the method of pay per click advertising will continue to
rake in massive traffic from what is a very targeted and highly
converting customer base.
Pay per click advertising is an online auction-style process where
a company bids money against other advertisers to have their
particular keyword-targeted ad listed on certain websites. The
company then gets charged when someone clicks on their ad,
regardless of how many times the ad was seen. There are two
main types of PPC advertising.
PPC search allows a text ad to show at the top or side of the
search engine page. It is usually positioned against other ads
depending on its bid and its quality score as determined by the
search engine.
PPC display shows ads that are influenced by the advertiser’s
targeting selections. They usually will appear on the content
pages that are relevant to what the searcher is reading as well as
their previous browsing history.

Typically, PPC display ads catch the potential buyers that are
looking for information, whereas PPC search ads are more likely
to convert the prospect as they are searching by specific
keywords and phrases.
Google and Bing are currently the dominant search engines for
PPC advertising, and they both employ the quality score method.
This assists the search engines in determining how your ad will
rank. Scoring is from one to ten with the lowest score a one.
You can help your bid cost and ad placements by promoting your
quality score through the landing page and ad keyword relevancy,
and landing page loading time and quality. You will need to look
into this deeper with the relevant networks before you begin your
campaigns to ensure that you get the maximum value for the
money you’re going to spend.
Pay Per View – PPV
While pay per view might not fit into one of your current sources
of traffic yet, if you want to maintain a balanced marketing
portfolio, it is one that you might want to seriously consider
moving forward with.
With many marketers looking for more freedom away from the
claws of the ruling search engines, there is a collective movement
toward PPV advertising. It appeals because it has wound back
the clock to cheaper ad costs and more natural linking strategies
that are enjoyed by smart marketers for significantly more traffic.
When you invest in PPV advertising your offers are shown to
viewers who are receptive to them because they are expecting
them and they signed on to receive them. This is the command
that you gain when you invest in PPV advertising.
Also known as cost-per-view, your offer only appears on the
screen of your pre-qualified audience when they visit a particular
website that you are targeting. This allows you to get your website
in front of large crows without even trying to sell them to click on
your ad.
The strength of the PPV systems allows you to bid on every URL
of sites that people visit and direct them immediately to your offer.
You can also collect their email addresses and utilize the email
marketing methods discussed in Chapter 4.
If you target your audience correctly, you can obtain extremely
qualified leads for a relatively moderate price point.
Facebook Advertising
We’ve already talked about how you can utilize Facebook to
increase web traffic by establishing a solid business page and
sharing your content with your audience. Now, we need to

discuss how to take advantage of Facebook’s paid advertising
campaigns to increase your traffic further.
With over one billion active users globally, advertising on
Facebook works. It is because Facebook consistently delivers
results that Internet marketers reveal techniques every week to
boost website traffic. Since Facebook ads are extremely targeted
toward the desired prospect, you are in complete control of your
own spend, which can be minimal, and your audience is already
engaged and receptive.
There are two primary categories of Facebook ads, sponsored
stores, and ads. Ads appear on the right sidebar of the page and
in the newsfeed. Sponsored stories are shown to friends of a fan
who interacted in some way with your Facebook page.
This could be either through commenting, reviewing or liking it.
Depending on the type of ad, payment options include cost per
click (CPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
Given the nature of Facebook to make regular changes to its
operating policies, it is recommended that you periodically check
with their instructions page for any updates, especially if you
notice your ads submissions are being denied on a regular basis.
Boost Your Website Traffic

YouTube Ads
The TrueView ad system on YouTube, allows you to reach people
who want to watch your videos, thanks to how YouTube works
with Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a method that will
enable businesses to get their advertisements to rank higher
when searched. When a link is connected to a specific keyword,
that link will appear at the top of a search page for that particular
For YouTube, AdWords works a bit differently. You spend the
money every time someone clicks on your video or watches the
video. The videos and ads you produce will be displayed based
on the keywords that someone uses to search or the viewers you
are targeting.
The amount you spend will wholly depend on how many people
click on your ad. You can also set up a budget with your ad so
that your ad will be removed after you’ve spent a specified
Paid Advertising on Twitter
With the right strategies and by taking advantage of trends, you
can make yourself more visible on Twitter without spending a
dime. However, sometimes you may need a little bit of help to get

recognized. After all, there are millions of tweets getting posted
every minute of the day. This is where paid advertising can help.
Paid advertising is a valuable tool because it can help you make
your tweets more visible. With Twitter advertising, you will get
your tweets posted on individual pages and pages of others.
In many cases, those posts will be on search pages relating to the
subject people are looking for. You can always use paid
advertising to get your business more visible on Twitter.
Boost Your Website Traffic

Without putting too fine of a point on it, there is a dizzying array of
methods that will allow you to boost traffic to your website. If done
right, you should even need email marketing campaigns.
However, most established sites develop opt-in programs in order
to keep their audience updated on the latest happenings in their
business and their website. The most successful companies
continue to expand without trouble after achieving proficiency in
SEO and campaign drafting alone.
While there may be many reasons why you want more visitors to
your website, the bottom line is that the Internet is a vast
playground and there are more than enough visitors to go around,
so long as they know that your company exists.

Therefore, you always want to strive to perfect visibility and
exposure and make sure that it is in sync with the quality of
content that you are producing.
When you first begin working toward boosting traffic to your site,
the results may gain momentum far too slowly for you to
appreciate the effort that you’ve put in, however, with patience,
you’ll soon be hit by a rising tide of an increased viewer-ship base.

Writing And Blogging For Your Business.

The key to online marketing is quality content. To get ahead of your competition, you have to be prepared to write well. The ability to write well is an advantage in terms of social media marketing and search engine marketing. In addition to written content, Video and audio are effective online marketing methods.

The best online marketers are experts at getting other spread the word about their products or services. Dedicate yourself to provide remarkable content to empower others to help you get the word out about your business. Take advantage of the inherent viral make up of Internet.

Write Articles

You can significantly increase your visibility when you write articles in your area of expertise. Be sure that your articles are informational. Don’t waste anybody’s time with commercials disguised as articles. The key to successful article writing is to provide value. People will notice when you have something of value to say.

Articles deemed valuable are; posted on article directories; e-mailed in newsletters, embedded in e-commerce site. In most cases, the author receives a link to his website. The links help in a couple of ways. One, they generate traffic to the site. Second, links help to improve your search engine results. The more links you have pointing to your site the better. Search engines view links to your site as a vote of confidence. The more links you have pointing to your site the more valuable your web site becomes.

You can contact website that might benefit from your articles, and offer your articles. Just ask that a link to your website and a one-line description of what you offer be included with the article. Articles offer an effective “viral” approach that can produce hundreds, or even thousands, of links to your site over time.

Practical Example: As you become a prolific author of articles related to your service you build reputation. Through your articles, you enable you customers to find your website indirectly. A business owner may find one of your articles while searching for marketing advice online. After she reads your article, she may click the link to your site from within the byline. Because you have already provided her with value, she is more likely to become a customer.

Start a Business Blog

Your business blog is one of the best ways to get others to link to your site. A blog is less formal than an article and more conversational. You have the power to make your industry interesting to your readers through conversational writing. The blog is not about you. It is about providing value for your customers. If you offer outstanding content and regular industry comment, people are likely to link to it, increasing your site’s link popularity. Remember, links are good.

Practical Example: When you blog you are elevating your status to expert level. People are rather buy from experts than sales people. Provide valuable content to your visitors, and they will spread the word. If you have a blog about fly fishing, your readers are more likely to buy from you than another business that simply lists fly fishing equipment on their site. In addition to becoming customers, they will recommend your business to others, in essence become your unpaid expternal salesforce.

The Expert’s Overview of Email Advertising And Marketing

Many people think that email advertising as well as e-mail advertising coincides thing. As well as to a level, those people are. Email marketing is a section of e-mail advertising and marketing as well as e-mail advertising and marketing is a sector of online marketing. Yes, online marketing is a really very large world. As well as it’s easy to get lost. So, we’ve created The Expert’s Overview of Email Advertising – Tips as well as Techniques you can make use of to maximize your e-mail marketing and advertising projects. Allow’s jump right in, shall we?

Add value

Ask yourself a couple of concerns before pressing that nerve racking “send out” switch:

If I read this, would I get any value or learn anything?
If I had just 30 secs, would certainly I know what this email is about?
Did this email improve my life, or does it have the potential to improve my life?
Is it as well long?
Can I say much more by creating less?
If your e-mail has excessive content, it may be removed as soon as possible. If your e-mail does not have enough web content, it might be seen as inconsequential or pointless. Just how do you locate that happy tool? By understanding your recipients. Get in the shoes of your target market and also play dumb; claim that you have no idea exactly what you recognize, as well as ask yourself the questions provided above.

Get along

So you have a product and services that’s far better compared to your rival, right? Right. Don’t slam or talk adversely about your competitors. Some services will do this, yet it’s really not worth it. Usually, slamming your competitors results in both of you shedding integrity. does not do that, and also neither ought to you. Be entirely neutral. Mind your personal company in emails. Nobody likes a negative individual who offers justifications for why things occur to them. Instead, be the opposite. Be the holder of excellent news; be their positive outlook on a rainy day. Be authentic – do not fake it. It’s true what they claim … people could tell when you phony it online. Be truly pleased in order to help your clients and newsletter visitors.

Do not focus on the sale

All of us learn about vehicle sales people – they just desire the sale and nothing else. All too often, email online marketers will certainly blast their e-newsletter focusing excessive on the sale. “Purchase currently”, “Hurry!”, “While supplies last!” are all terrific instance of aiming to get people to purchase today. Does it function? Absolutely. Should you place keyword phrases that concentrate on the sales all over? Not. Know when to make use of these words, and when not to.

Make them pleased, allow them trust you and also allow them get to understand you. Since the viewers could not hear your tone, you have to write points a particular method, include photos and also make use of various other forms of media to get their attention.

Do not send out excessive

If you send out too much marketing, as in also many ads stuffed into one email or as well numerous subjects are placed into one email, you’ll observe a high quantity of unsubscribers. By putting too many images into an e-mail, or as well many sales-y keyword phrases, you’re not sounding like a person that’s attempting to connect with one more individual. And also frequently your e-mail will certainly be sent out to the SPAM folder.


Nothing beats being personal. Yes, we just went over this in the factor over this set, however it’s very vital to highlight. If you opened an e-mail and the initial line said “hi “, you ‘d reject it quite quick as well as assume it’s scrap. Most of us do it. If you review half the email as well as it sounded like a person standing on a phase, speaking to 10,000 people … you ‘d most likely reject that email. Due to the fact that it’s not individual. It does not involve you, especially, as well as it doesn’t provide you specific attention. Be the person who creates emails, even if they are sent out to 10,000+ people, that seems like your speaking to an individual. Your email will be accepted lightly as opposed to being viewed as hostile as well as invasive – since you sound like you care. And also as discussed earlier … Care! Be genuinely satisfied to assist somebody.



Sending time

This pointer ought to be rather straight forward, however it’s still ruled out a common method: be conscious of the time you send an email. If you send an e-mail at 3am and also it’s the first thing the recipient checks out when they awaken, your ad will not be extremely efficient. Your message may not even be really effective. Heck, you could send a personal email to the individual closest to you, and also there’s a very high chance that they will not reply, don’t bother approve your ad as useful. Take a look at your sector, also consider when one of the most usual times for emails in your sector are sent, and get to know when the most effective time to send out an e-mail is. Are the ideal consumers for books purchasing from block and mortar stores at 1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday? If so, consider when should you be sending them a fast newsletter about your brand-new book or price cut?

Be truthful

A no-brainer? Not for everyone. Tell your consumers specifically what they must anticipate. Make it very easy for them to acquire. “Get one obtain one totally free” is an excellent instance, because you understand precisely just what to anticipate – if you acquire one, you’ll get one free. However “acquire three and also save on the fourth” is much less clear – it seems like if I purchase 3 I’ll save an unpredictable quantity on the fourth, but maybe an amount that does not matter to me. Consider it for a second and ask yourself, “Is this a clear message that everyone can comprehend?”. If so, you’ve made the appropriate option.

Size, type and also placement

Have you ever seen an e-mail that’s one large photo, comes as an accessory or an advertisement is located in a strange or balancing out location? Probably. I believe virtually everyone has actually experienced that at the very least as soon as. And it sucks for both events. Your email isn’t really obtained well, and also the viewers just got hit with one more piece of spam (approximately they assume it is). Know where to position your advertisement.

If your ad is tiny enough to walk around your e-mail, try placing it to the right or the left – like when you review a write-up and there’s an image installed in the text. Attempt putting it in the center of your email, if it fits with the web content. Try a couple of various things, then ask for responses from a few of your relied on recipients.

Typically, an e-mail must be mostly text based. Pictures are hefty and difficult to load, as well as use a lot of information on mobile devices, so keep away from actually huge photos. Making use of a few tiny images includes rate of interest to the post, so it’s less boring. Including a video clip works well, too.

Write less, do more

Internet customers have tiny interest spans. If it’s not fascinating now, it may never be intriguing. One of the biggest awesomes for e-mails (and websites) is excessive text. If it resembles a phase from a book, you have too much message. A great method is to write succinct as well as short paragraphs. A couple of sentences functions well. As well as to separate all the message: an image, ad or video. The last time I, or any person I recognize, has actually checked out an email as long as this write-up was … most likely around 1999. In net years, that’s the rock age. That does not work now – so be accurate and to the point.